by Unoma Okudo

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It’s a pleasure to sit by your side
And just chill
Every moment we spend rubbing minds,
Is a thrill
It’s intense, all this time that we share
But I don’t care, I’m just glad that you’re here

Ooh Satisfied
I’m Satisfied

Just to gaze in your eyes while we talk,
seems enough
To excite all those mad butterflies, as they rush
Through my belly, my knees got to sleep
But I’ll live and I’ll still be right here

Ooh Satisfied
I’m Satisfied

From the get go you caught my eye
You’ve got that magic,
That jazz I can’t deny
(Said you’re hot like July)

It’s undoubtedly fate that we met,
Don’t you think?
Have you finally found what you call the missing link?
Only time will unveil what’s in store,
But be sure, that I want nothing more
Than to be your girl…
Than to be your girl

But if you ever decided to
Jump this ship or retire
I’d beg, please reconsider,
Sure it’s like summer right after the storm
It’s hot like July

I don’t have any words for this bit,
That’s just it
Cos my thoughts tend to stall
When my heart skips a beat
You’d be right if you said that I’m whipped
I’ll admit that I feel like a kid

Ooh Satisfied
I’m Satisfied


released January 5, 2016
Written by Unoma Okudo




Unoma Okudo Glasgow, UK

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